Potter Digital Worry‐Free Web Hosting

Our job does not stop once your website has been launched.

Websites must be hosted on a server to be live and accessible through the world wide web.

Most companies over‐charge for this service, or simply hand you off to a 3rd party.

Potter Digital Worry‐Free Web Hosting is a comprehensive hosting and maintenance service that can save our customers time and money, and give them the peace‐of‐mind of knowing that their web presence will continue to thrive.

Aside from just web hosting, websites have ongoing needs. We will look after your website and guarantee ongoing satisfaction and performance. Lastly, you will constantly want to upgrade your website with new information.

Content maintenance and updating can also be expensive. All these needs were carefully considered when creating a comprehensive Worry‐Free Webhosting Service.

Potter Digital Worry‐Free Webhosting includes:

  • Hosting website on a local, secure, reliable, fast server
  • 5 hours of free website maintenance per year.
  • Website Security
  • Ongoing site and server support and troubleshooting
  • Up to 10 email addresses: name@yourdomain.com
  • Add and remove email addresses as often as you want
  • Ongoing Email support
  • A completely Worry‐Free website

All these services are backed by an industry‐leading team of specialists, and are offered at a lower cost than the leading competitors.

How may we help you?

Our dedicated team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or inquiries you may have.

If you have any questions with regards to our services, employment opportunities, or you just want to say 'hello', please feel free to call or make an inquiry, below.

Telephone : 778.389.2825
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